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Monday, July 4, 2011

Indian Temples and Pseudo-Secular Politics

I have always held that the liberal Indian media, encouraged by Congress policies, has carried on the demonisation of all things Hindu. We have more proof of that. Publicized by Indian media, the news has been seen all over the world that treasure worth billions of dollars have been found at an Indian temple. They make this sound sleazy like drugs or other contraband has been discovered. I don't think that the Indian media has ever reported the worth of the Catholic church or the amount spent by the Church in settling the pedophilia lawsuits. The desi media has never reported the worth of the Waqf board or the actual amount of taxpayer money spent on the Haj subsidies. No one has ever reported the money taken from the temples in Andhra which found its way to the Andhra Churches.

Needless to say, by sensationalizing this news, the media has revealed more about their own intentions that the actual event. I am of the opinion that donating money to religious organizations is not as important as donating to responsibly run charities. That said, the same rule should be applied to all religious places of worship and similar courtesies extended to all instead of picking on the Hindu temples. As it is, the pseudo-secular and communist state governments are taking money from the Temples and spending it on their own causes rather than the temple initiated causes. As the intrepid Prof. Vaidyanathan says:

The present times are most inappropriate to try to list the billions of rupees worth of diamonds and rubies and sapphires owned by our temples. We all know that a significant portion of our politicians have a criminal background and even parts of the judiciary are corrupt. The bureaucracy is compromised by a saga of loot and plunder.
In this context, where government finances are completely out of alignment with revenue realities, the temptation will be to use these invaluable treasures to fulfill the insatiable personal and political greed of our politicians to fund populist schemes like “food security” for all with resources belonging to Lord Vishnu. Already more than 80% of the incomes of major temples is used for “secular” causes rather than for “sacred” purposes.

Temples should not become political battle fields for the pseudo-secular politicians and the immoral media. As the good professor says:
Hands off the treasures that belong to Lord Vishnu

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